Love is like a Lazy Afternoon

Raindrops ticking on the window,

I can’t hear them; you’re all I see.

Your love around me like a shadow,

Take me back to that Sunday spree.


Why the need for fancy? I ask.

Us two, wrapped up in a blanket,

Netflix and chill, maybe a flask,

And a morning at the market.


Some may want diamonds, flowers, gold,

I just want peace, love, and freedom.

These moments make us infinite,

And that is all I want from life.


Light as a feather,

but dark as a shadow,

Doubt comes, crippling,

but passes, then goes.


Never had it occured to me, that in my life,

Doubt would become somehow, such a powerful ally.

From a comfort zone, it pushed me forward,

allowing me to create, and perform my art.